Vastness and seclusion

The hunting area in the Namib impresses with absolute seclusion and tranquility. On 21,000 hectares of private land without livestock. In the rainy season barren sandy areas get rain from time to time and thereafter literally flourish. Main wildlife species are Oryx and Springbok. In good rainy years Kudus can be hunted, and other species such as Ostrich, Baboon and Jackal are in sight almost every day. Numerous species of predators can find their way here: Cheetah, Leopard, Brown hyena and Spotted hyena are common and keep the game population at a natural level.


Namib – Space and seclusion

The hunt in the Namib is something for the type of hunter who puts great landscapes and powerful impressions of nature over the number of trophies. Mostly our guests come home with an Oryx and a Springbok and with fantastic photos and impressions of this wild and romantic area. The unique colours and the varied desert landscape will captivate every Africa connoisseur. The accommodation in the two cozy guest rooms is high class and very personal, with delicious all-round service. An absolute insider tip!

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