The north-eastern tip of Namibia offers a great flora and fauna

The north-eastern tip of Namibia, formerly called the Caprivi Region, has a great flora and fauna due to its tropical climate. This is where most of the rain falls in Namibia and the large rivers Zambezi (the fourth longest river in Africa), Kwando and Chobe provide the land with moisture and guarantee biodiversity.Many indigenous villagers live from fishing and adventurous fishing globetrotters also find great fishing here. Main target fish is the tiger fish.

The big predators are strong fighters on the rod and the time from the bite to actually land the fish is often a tough fight. During the fishing trips you can expect the sight of big game like Hippopotamus, Crocodile or even Elephants in the shore area. The accommodation in exclusive lodges overlooking the river is another highlight of a Zambezi safari. We also arrange big game hunts in hunting licenses in the Zambezi region. Requested game species are Buffalo, Elephant, Crocodile, Hippo, Sable and other Plainsgame.

Zambezi – Adventure with big game

The Zambezi region was called Caprivi until 2013. It is the only region of Namibia which sits almost exclusively in the tropics consisting largely of flat marshland. Several year-round water-bearing rivers such as the Okavango, the Cuando and tributaries of the Zambezi run through the landscape, making the region especially during the rainy season in the months of December to March very humid and therefore very rich in wildlife.

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